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Sr Lighting Artist
Multitude 9 FX Studios Pvt Ltd

Experience 4 Years - 5years
Skills: 5 years of experience working in feature films Excellent knowledge of Lighting Softwares Excellent knowledge of Shading Materials Very good knowledge of traditional 2D, 3D & Effects compositing Ability to communicate concisely and efficiently A good eye for composition, color, light and shadow And willing to learn, new software which we introduce in our pipeline
Job Category: Visua Effects (VFX)
Role: Senior level Lighting Artist
Salary: 5LPA
Website Name:
Posted Date: 15/05/2017
Job Description Developing light-rig for sequence and master 3D precom Designs and implements direct (key) lighting and reflected lighting and shadows for complex shots that meet and enhance art and tone direction Ensures that assigned shots fit the continuity of the sequence Creates modules and reusable lighting set-ups. May composite and render elements together to create final frames Able to finish the tasks without any handholding/supervision Need to come-up with technical/creative solutions Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets on time Is responsible for giving inputs for bidding and following the schedule of the work allocated to him/her Scripting knowledge, knowledge of multiple rendering engines (ray tracer, GI, thorough knowledge of shading, and different compositing software And willing to ready new software which we introduce in our pipeline
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