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VFX Artist
ASK EHS Engineering & Consultants

Experience 1 Years - 4years
Location: Surat, Gujarat
Skills: Adobe After Effects, 3Ds Max
Job Category: Visua Effects (VFX)
Role: Special Effect,Motion GRaphics,VFX
Salary: 3 Lpa
Website Name:
Posted Date: 26/11/2017
Job Description -To work on 3DS Max and After Effect platform and its workflow. -To create particle, camera and other effects. -To understand of VFX workflow using After Effect pipeline. -To be comfortable with Fx in both 3DS MAX and After Effect Platform. -To wove visual effects together seamlessly. -To consult with script writers and instructional designer about visual development. -To work on motion graphics design. -To do tracking and roto in After Effect. -To adjust lighting, color and placement of visual effects to ensure they are identical to the scene in which they are placed -To develop visuals to appeal. -To work with a team of experts to develop appearances. -To ensure that visual effects added in post-production are added careful, as -to not let viewers know that this was done. -To use editing and illustration software -To cooperate with production staff to deliver work in deadlines. -To work with the team to clear camera hooks and story continuity. -To be a problem solver and be organized as per checklist generated per project. -To coordinate with different teams to give the finished product. -To attend project team meetings.
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