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Best 3D Games for Tablets & Smartphones

post March 7th, 2014
The gaming industry and mobile marketing are booming with new technologies. The tablets and Smartphones accessible in the market now are all configured with potent hardware setups so that the gadgets are simpatico for all needs of nowadays generation. Now, let’s look at five best 3D games for Smartphones and Tablets that have hyper graphics and highly interesting to play too.


FIFA 14[6].jpg
This game features a power pact 33 leagues including La Liga, English Premier League and German Bundesliga among others, with 600 teams, played all around 34 stadiums and with a gigantic battalion of 16,000 and more players.

It permits you to select the playing style of players/ teams, their formations in the field and even the playing kits. As well, coins can be earned by competing in tournaments and hence, players can be bought. The game is too easy to play with controls such as tapping on players to create passes, a right or left swipe for shooting, and a prolong press to allow the player to keep possession and move ahead.

Blade Slinger
It is basically a hack and slashes game, where the player plays as William Glaston of Hammers Peak, returning home from war. On returning, he finds his native state demolished by monsters and thus, he has to smash the evil zombies with a blade. On swiping the touch screen the blade is moved consequently. There is Bladeslinger which allows for punching, shooting or dodging. William Glaston has to survive the levels, as the game progresses.

Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt 8 Airborne[6].jpg
It is a driving game in which mech mayhem can be won as a reward. In the Career mode, there are more than 150 events, where one can earn points by knock adversaries or performing distinct stunts like wild 360⁰ jumps or barrel rolls. One can select between 47 sets of high octane wheels such as Bugattis, Lamborghinis or Ferraris and drive in distinct locales such as Nevada Desert, Iceland or Venice. The game is easy to play with simply tilting the smartphone or tablet will help to stir the car. Along the way, you have to gather nitro as you end on the podium.

Dead Trigger 2
Dead Trigger 2[6].jpg
In this game, the player operates in 15 eerie environments, over 150 gameplays and across 3 areas. The game is constantly being updated, making the game bigger and more interesting.

Real Racing 3
Real Racing.jpg
It is a dream game and it features many officially-licensed tracks such as Hockenheimring and Silverstone and more than 50 cars from reputed car makers like Audi, Dodge, Porsche and Bugatti. The interesting part is that one can race against friends, even those who are offline thru RR3 features.


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