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Frederic St-Arnaud

post January 3rd, 2014
Frederic St-Arnaud is a visual effect Art Director, focusing since 16 years on high-end photo-realistic digital Matte Painting (also known as Matte Art or Digimatte), set extension and concept art in the film industry. Mixing technical and artistic skills, St-Arnaud has contributed to many feature films, commercials television and a TV series. His film credits include Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Death Race, Babel, Silent Hill, Sin City, Sky captain and the world of tomorrow, Once upon a time in Mexico, Spy kids 2 & 3, The Golden Compass which won the best visual effects Academy Awards in 2008 and more.


2006: Matte painting Master Class by Yanick Dusseault (NAD Center - UQAC, Montreal, Canada)
1997: Cartoon Animation and 3D intensive program at ICARI (Montreal, Canada)
1996: One year of Communication Arts at Universite Laval (Quebec City, Canada)
1995: College of Fine Arts at Cegep de Sainte-Foy (Quebec City, Canada)


2012:   VES Awards 2012 - Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature Motion Picture in the movie Rango staring Johny Depp
2011: Keynote Speaker at NSCC Nova Scotia Animedia Festival April 2011
2009:   Silver Honour at Campaign s Big Awards 2009 for the illustration Finantial Times -St-Bernard
2009:   Silver Honour at The Creative Circle 2009 for the illustration Finantial Times -St-Bernard
2009: Conference Speaker at School Design of UQAM University for the program Graphic Design and Culture
2008:   Academy Award 2008 for Best Visual Effects in the movie The Golden Compass
2008:   BAFTA 2008 Award (British Academy Film Awards) for Special Visual Effects in the movie The Golden Compass
2008: Speaker at the ADAPT Montreal Conference 2008
2008: Coverpage artist of the book D artiste Matte Painting II from Ballistic Publishing
2007: Award Winner at Pixel Theory 3D with the artworks  Decline of Babel myth  and bear vs. hiker 
2007: Excellence Award at 3Dtotal with the artwork  Decline of Babel myth 
2006: Excellence Nomination Award for the book EXPOSE 4 with the artworks Tourism on Venus  and  Time Square 
2005: CG Elite on
2005: Award Winner in the book EXPOSE 3
2003: Award Winner at CGsociety with the artwork  Waterfall Castle 
2002: Award Winner of the Graphika Awards Contest 2002 with the Fly Studio team
1997: Canada s Teletoon Animation Scholarship Award Finalist



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