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2015 Oscar Nominated** 3D Animated Short HD: "Sweet Cocoon" This is the story of a plump caterpillar who has made a too little cocoon. Story short Sweet Cocoon is a French short movie about how a caterpillar failing desperately to get in her cocoon meets two soon to be companions, a cockroach and a weevil that will help her achieve her metamorphosis. A journey with many pitfalls which reflect, not without poetry, the cruelty of the animal world. It is a sweet animation short about friendship and mutual support with a touch of burlesque humor. Produced as our graduation film this short movie made entirely in 3D animation will please without a doubt children and adults. It was realized in 2013-2014 by a team of 5 french student of ESMA Montpellier (Ecole supérieure des métiers artistiques) Matéo BERNARD, Matthias BRUGET, Jonathan DURET, Manon MARCO and Quentin PUIRAVEAU.

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